Corporate Social Responsibility

In the past decade, the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility has witnessed a transformation with proposals of new proxy concepts such as corporate citizenship and corporate sustainability. Investors no longer are just interested in financial performance of a business, they are more keen on how a business manages its stakeholders’ interests and reputational risks. Corporate Social Responsibility is a concept related to complex issues such as environmental protection, human resources management, health and safety at work, relations with local communities, government suppliers and consumers (European Commission, 2001). Today, the notion of Corporate Social Responsibility means that businesses, on their own accord, amalgamate social and environmental issues in their operations to reconcile interests of various stakeholders.

Governance Xcellence Consulting, together with its Research and Advisory teams, can help corporates improve their social impact, enhance reputation and emerge as perfect Corporate Citizens. We can help you in:

  • Aligning your corporate social responsibility strategy with corporate strategy.
  • Designing and improving your corporate social responsibility programs.
  • Developing strategies to deal with your key corporate social responsibility issues.
  • Analysing, mapping and prioritising your key stakeholders.
  • CSR partner selection.
  • Developing and measuring Key Performance Indicators.